Campaigns vs Experience

By accessing and logging in, you can access a list of campaigns directly.

To create a new Campaign, click on NEW CAMPAIGN, define a name and press the create button.



To create a new Experience, click on NEW EXPERIENCE, select the type of experience, place a name to identify it, define the type of experience and upload a target.


IMPORTANT: the target image file format is JPG.


When creating an experience within a campaign, it is displayed as follows:

The icons that appear in the window correspond to the following actions:

Replace target: allows replacing the target with a new one, maintaining the same composition.
Clone experience: Duplicate the same composition in a different target. This allows having the same experience replicated in different targets.
Enable / disable: You can disable an experience to prevent it from being viewed from the app, without needing to delete it.
Delete: An experience can be deleted. This function is final.