There are two ways to publish our composition in Studio: DRAFT mode and PUBLIC mode.

The experiences published in DRAFT are free, that is, it is not necessary to buy credits for publication, and they are visible only to the user editor, registering from the app with his user and pass of Studio (see video at the end of this post).

Publishing an experience in PUBLIC mode means that the experience will be visible to all CamOnApp users. To publish in this mode, it is necessary to buy credits.


 From the following icon, the experiences are published in DRAFT mode.

 From the following icon, the experiences are published in PUBLIC mode.


Step by step to visualize experiences in DRAFT mode from app:

1 – Open CamOnApp.
2 – Swipe down.
3 – Keep the CamOnapp logo pressed for 2 seconds.
4 – Enter the same data (user + pass) that is used to enter CamOnApp Studio.
5 – Activate the DRAFT mode by sliding the switch.
6 – Close from the cross that is on the top right.
7 – Swipe up to return to the scanning area.

The user editor can change from DRAFT mode to PUBLIC, repeating these steps, sliding the switch, activating or deactivating the DRAFT mode.