3D Models – Specs Blender3D

General instructions

    • CamOnApp Studio supports two formats of 3D files:
      .fbx for static and animated models,
      .obj for static models.

  • The image file format for the textures is 32 bit .tga, whether or not it has transparencies.

  • At the moment of incorporating the 3D models and their respective images to Studio, they must be compressed in a .zip file.


Export specs of models from Blender3D

       .fbx (static and animated objects)

Version: FBX 7.4 Binary
Selected Objects: true
Forward: -Z Forward
Up: Y Up
Apply transform: false (might be needed depending on the model)
Apply Modifiers: true
Smoothing: Normal
Loose Edges: false
Tangent Space: false (?)
Only deform bones: false (?)
Custom properties: false
Add Leaf Bones: true
Primary bone axis: And axis
Secondary bone axis: X axis
Baked Animation: true
Key All Bones: true
NLA Strips: false
All actions: false

       .obj (static objects)
In the case of .obj models, when they are exported from Blender or other software, they generate an .mtl file that links the model with the materials and textures. Export specs from Blender3D:

Selection Only (optional)
Triangulate Faces
Material Groups
Keep Vertex Order

Polygon limit per object / experience

  • 15,000 polygons max. in total (the sum of all the objects).
  • 15,000 polygons max. by object.
  • Low poly triangulated.


  •  .tga: RGB / RGBA, with or without RLE compression, 24/32 bits, 256x256px.


  •  There is no concept of lighting within the augmented reality experience when reproduced from the app. To obtain lighting effects in the models that are used in the composition, they must be applied over the textures (.tga).

Weight object / experience

  •  We recommend that the weight of the total experience in CamOnApp does not exceed 4MB. Therefore, it is important to optimize 3D models and textures, to achieve an acceptable weight / image quality.